Thursday, November 27, 2008

made of awesome

Wow, this is going to sound super bi-polar following the last post, but lately I am feeling so happy. After the rough patch, I am doing well, and I am just happy! Ok goofy. Lets see, perhaps I will just list some things that have been going on lately, that should be interesting.
I went to the zoo and to Sadies (pictures later), I painted half of my face green in a rare showing of school spirit, we sent in our first yearbook deadline on time- and the yearbook this year is going to be BEAUTIFUL I'm so excited, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, no wait, it is Thanksgiving now because I am up too late doing nonsense things like posting a blog about nothing at all, really.

Tonight I went to a friend's house and played ping pong, played with her cuuute little beagle, made brownies and hung out and it was a good time. We went to Maverick (drink, Palin audience) to get sodas and it reminded me of This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen, how the girls in that are always stopping to get their sodas.
I'm reading another book by Dessen, called Dreamland. It is kind of miserable, as this girl is sort of spiraling down into a completely different life than she started out with. But I like it, I like the writing.

My hands are really cold in this basement. I saw Twilight for the second time today, and I think I might love it even more. I'm just such a sucker, its terrible. Oh well! It probably won't be the last time I see it in theaters, either.
I'm going to end this blog on a sour note: I have a bone to pick with ChaCha (dial 242-242 and ask any question, there will be an answer!). What is your deal with limiting me to 20 texts a month?! Uncalled for. I miss sending nonsense texts just to get a nonsense answer back and to feel cool that I was texting someone that texted me back-ha! Ok really though, now I have to save up all my ChaCha texts for questions that I actually do want important answers to. Lame!
Thats all for tonight, I should really go to bed.

Take it away Utah State asian pizza lady:
"Hihowareyou? Youwantsomepizza? Sogoodyummy!"
thanks so much, Derek, for showing me the wonder that she is.