Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beach House Cottage

I'm currently residing in Mission Beach, CA in a beautiful little tiny beach bungalow.  I am here with four of my very closest friends on our senior trip, and I don't ever want to go home.  It is so beautiful.  I love the ocean to begin with.  I love the smell, the feel, the sound, even the sticky humidity that completely envelopes me.  I love this house, it's perfect.  I want to live here for forever.  We are literally probably twenty steps from the bay, and maybe forty from the beach.  We are going to the beach tomorrow.  Everyone is so chill and there are countless hot men!  Today at the bay we met this adorable little girl named Sophie who really wanted to just swim naked.  She is three years old and has a mop of white blonde curly hair, she's just adorable.

Okay, so this thing happened the other day that I sort of feel I should record somewhere, and this is as good as anywhere.  I have seen dead bodies before.  People at funerals, animals on the side of the road, etc.  We have this semicircle window above a large rectangle one in our living room.  There is a tree that overhangs the semicircle bit, and the fat robins that always gorge themselves on our cherries often get quite confused by the reflection of the tree on the window.  They fly directly into it quite often.  I was home alone and watching TV or something, and a bird flew into the window insanely hard, the frame shook.  I was shocked, I've never heard a bird hit that hard before.  I went to look out the window to see if the bird had already made it's dizzy escape.  But there was the bird.   And it wasn't just sitting there, it was trying to fly away, but in a gimpy way.  Like one wing was completely dysfunctional.  It would hop in tiny circles, until it gave up.  I went outside and sat there next to the bird as it died.  I don't really know why I did it, I just couldn't really walk away knowing that bird was dying alone.  Robins are stupid, I don't know why I cared so much, but watching that bird die was probably one of the very saddest things I have ever seen.  I've never actually seen anything go from living to not, and it was violent and shocking.

Wow now that I'm done with that downer moment, I kind of want to go back to the bay and look that the stars for the bit.  Maybe!  I like you California, you're one of the good ones.