Wednesday, October 28, 2009

just for the record

Sarah is growing her hair out to this or she owes me $50


Its still everywhere.  Walking under trees is a precarious move, as the snow will sprinkle and occasionally dump on your head, breaking through the leaves that continue to hold on.  Some trees are dropping leaves and patches of snow so quickly its like a little tiny storm is going on just underneath them, tree-dodging is somewhat necessary.

This is the giant pine tree outside our apartment after yesterday's snowfall.  I was napping, and when I woke up everything was covered.  At least its pretty!

So I've recently come to the oft-visited conclusion that I'm weird as shit.  There's this weird balance of learning who I really am versus who I'd like to be, which is constantly changing.  I think.  I don't know, I feel like I'm in a rather floater stage, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I'll just ride it out, maybe live in some books, everything always ends up okay in the end.

I'm watching Rob & Big, and Big was just changing the diaper of a little fake baby.  "You smell like poopie, you smell like poopie!" awwwh.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All the single ladies?

I am really excited for Halloween. I will be dressed like so:

We can pretend that I'll look equally hot in my ensemble and that my ass won't be all over the place.  Ain't no thing, its Halloween!  All diva-d out, as my best friend will be dressed as Lady Gaga.

It snowed today.  It was pretty, but I am kind of sad.  I love fall, and now if its going to snow constantly until next March, I'm going to be extra fall-hungry.  Maybe this is just a little taste of what winter holds, so I'll still get a bit of fall weather.  Thats likely just my optimism leaking through, however.

I am so sick of people just writing me off as a prude.  I know more than you give me credit for, bitches.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alexander Skarsgard

is love.  He is so beautiful, its ridiculous.  I recently decided if I'm ever having a sad bit I'll just reflect on the attractiveness of Alexander Skarsgard and then everything will be okay.  It works!

I went to the art museum on campus today for a choice event for my ridiculous creative arts class.  I loved it!  I was not aware the campus facility was going to have that neat of an art collection.  There was such a huge variety of art, just all kinds.  I don't even know if I could pick a favorite, but it was probably one of the massive canvases that I wanted to steal and take home with me.  Maybe more on them later.

I wish I could paint.  I think I'll take a class one day, maybe when I'm old and frail and have nothing better to do.  Hopefully I don't get arthritis in my fingers to prevent my plan from taking hold.

It is fall, and I love it.  I will just walk through all the piles of leaves and kick them everywhere, and smell the air because it smells crisp and leafy and its cold but not freezing, so its just fun outside except for when it rains on my head or winds through my clothing.
I can't seem to find my gray wool sweater!  This is a problem.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!"

Oh John Green, you giant genius, you.  Please come to Utah so I may bask in your intellectual glory and thank you for your profound hilarity.
I'm re-reading Looking for Alaska and I just forget how much I adore it.  Except I just dipped into the "after" section and now I'm paused to soak it all in.  Meanwhile I'm supposed to be reading my mass media textbook and I'm in the middle (well the middle of the beginning) of The Picture of Dorian Gray, for the first time, and its quite interesting.  I'm worthless once a book sucks me in, completely worthless.

The internet sometimes overwhelms me a lot.  Like I fell out of watching my youtube subscriptions but since I'm reading John Green once more I thought I'd peep his latest video, and then there are all these vlogbrothers videos that I'm completely out of the loop on, and then all these blog posts on sparksflyup that I'm hopelessly out of touch with, and then I just feel overwhelmed and just hope that one day I can be grownup and know who I am soundly and have my blog or book or story that all these people keep up with.
I don't know, mostly I just hope I can write a book one day that is as incredible as Looking for Alaska or Paper Towns or even a tiny bit close.  Scary intimidating thoughts.
/giant run-on sentence

John Green is working on new stuff, which I'm extra excited about, and in April a book he wrote with David Levithian (sp?) is coming out and I'm feeling like "woowob)Oo" or close to that.

I ate too much garlic bread, blech.
Sarah is in San Fran and I wish I was theeeerrreeeeee

oh, I changed my wallpaper:

I am extra pleased about this.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


So maybe I was a little conceited when I was all "Oh 50 books challenge? Pshaaaww" because thing is, I sort of stopped keeping track of the books I read. And the end of the year is ever nearing. I'm sure I could easily top the challenge of a simple 50 books in one year, especially when I'm a psycho in the summer and reading everything I lay my eyes on, but keeping track of them is a different story.
One book I can easily track and would like to discuss via myself and blog was The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. Definitely one of my top ten books, if it would even be possible for me to narrow them down to ten. This novel is remarkable in every single way. The narration, story line, characters, dialogue- every tiny individual piece of it is amazing, and when they're all combined, they form this unheard of story that teaches of relationships, life, happiness, everything. I cried in happiness and sadness, and I certainly did not want it to end. I wanted to keep in touch with Liesel and Rudy and Max and Papa, they were some of the most real and touching characters I've ever read. All I can aspire is to one day be able to create something that could vaguely approach the level of impact this book had and will continue to have for me.

My Uncle Pete died today. He was in a bad motorcycle accident yesterday and landed on his head. It didn't look good from the start. We prayed and prayed, but I guess he was needed impossibly more elsewhere. I'll miss him forever, we lost him too soon. Everyone is still numb, it doesn't feel real at all. I don't know when it will.
The weirdly comforting part of it all is that he was an organ donor, and with his heart and kidneys he'll save three people. That is so incredible to me, he is just the guy that would go out while saving three people.
I've been thinking about that. I think now I'm going to start looking for the three good things that come from every bad thing. Its like my history professor says, everything happens in threes.

So I'm home from school for now, which is going pretty well. I like it a lot for the most part, but for right now its good to be home.

My kids are never getting motorcycles, thats for sure. I need some sleep.