Monday, December 15, 2008

Today was too cold

today at piano lessons my teacher and I were discussing a certain contemporary composer and his seemingly inhuman abilities to play his compositions at warp speed. we were talking about how its so crazy that he can play them so quickly at ease, while its such a stretch for someone else (namely, me) to learn and get used to such a high speed. then I said something rather profound. I know the reason he can play them like that is because they are his, he wrote them. this is roughly what I said:"We have to get used to playing the music this fast. But its his song, he wrote it, so its easy for him to play it however fast or slow he'd like to. The song had to get used to him."

ok it was most definitely more profound in the moment.

Today it was so cold that it hurt. I am not okay with that. I need to clean my room if it is for this reason alone: to find my gloves. Morning steering wheel and bare hands are not a good combination for happy Noelle.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I ran away this one time

Once upon a time when I was little and my older brother was babysitting me, I hated him. Oh, I was also a psychotic and largely bipolar little girl. Anyway so this particular brother, whom I have since bonded with, was being all sorts of bothersome, and so I called him, and I quote, a "son of a bitch" (sorry mom) at the angelic age of eight, I think. I then grabbed my plastic heart-shaped bank with an easily opened lock - its contents including something along the lines of three Dairy Queen sundae coins and a few nickels and pennies - and my ratty pink "blankie" and headed down the street. I got about three houses down, and then returned. I can't exactly remember the details of my return, but I think he might've come after me, apologizing while trying to stifle laughs that would further my escape.

My poor brother. I'm sure he had no idea what to do with such a freakish kid.

P.S. I wish Christopher McCandless would've packed one map and lived. What a waste.