Wednesday, May 13, 2009

senior pictures whaaat

Sarah took them for me today! I get to see them tomorrow, and I'm very excited.
She's going to be pro, I just know it, and if she forgets me when she's famous, there will be hell to pay. :)
Really though, despite how I am akward and despite that I brought a small-family-sized bag full of clothes, she was super patient and great and I do believe the results will be pretty great.
I will probably post some? Maybe?
We took them throughout Ogden, and it was fun times.
Minus the creepy old man that was watching me change in some bar parking lot. Freako, leaving a bar (most likely drunk and definitely creepy) at like six at night. ugh.


and cue shudder.
I hope Derek does well with his Arizona interview!

(waaay overdue) edit:

a beautifully unedited photo Sarah took on my senior picture extravaganza.  I was looking at a seagull that happened to flutter by as her shutter clicked.  fancy that.